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Corporate Services

Incorporation of Companies

  • A private limited company is a business entity registered under the Companies Act 1965. It has a legal personality. i.e. it has rights to own properties, can sue or be sued. It usually has the word “Sdn. Bhd.” as part of its name.
  • This is a locally incorporated company where the number of shareholders is limited to 20.
  • A company need at least 2 directors who must be ‘ordinarily resident in Malaysia’. i.e. Malaysian residential address.
  • Any person above the age of 21 years old may be appointed as a director. However, some individual e.g. bankrupts, are disqualified from being director.
  • Obtain approval for the company name before you can incorporate a company. An application fee is payable for each approved company name. An approved company name will be reserved for 60 days. If more time needed, you can apply for an extension of another 60 days at an additional fee.
  • After the company name is approved, a registration fee is payable according to the amount of its authorized share capital.
  • Generally, the processing time for incorporation of a company may take 1 to 5 working days from the time of company name application.

Company Secretarial Services

Our professional company secretarial services provided will be as follows:
i. Preparation and submission of annual return under the Companies Act 1965 to the Companies Commission of Malaysia;
ii. Proper maintenance of statutory books;
iii. To draft all necessary notices, directors' resolutions, minutes of directors meeting and shareholders' meeting and relevant documents under the discretion and instruction of the Board of Directors;
iv. To assist the Company on matters relating to transfer, issue and offer of shares and the subsequent issue of share certificates;
v. To advice the Directors on matters pertaining to the statutory requirements as prescribed under various statutes related to secretarial practice;
vi. To act as nominee directors at minimal fee;
vii. To utilize our office as registered office.

GST Registration and reporting

GST is announced in 2014 budget and going to in forced effective from 1st April 2015. Are you GST ready? Please refer to our GST consultant for more information.

Company Search and Striking off Company in Malaysia

We can help you to gather financial information of the companies you required from Companies Commission of Malaysia at minimal fee and time with provision of the company name and company registration number.
We also can help you to strike off a dormant company under section 308 at reasonable fee.
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