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Tax Compliance

Malaysia is applying Self-Assessment System (SAS) for tax reporting within its jurisdiction. The return form (be it form B/BE for individual tax payers of form C for corporate tax payers) that submitted is deemed final and deemed as notice of assessment., in which case the tax payers are required to pay their final balance of the tax to the Inland Revenue Board (IRB) before the pre-determined date. Thus, it is essential for each tax payer to know their liability as and when due.
Under the SAS, each corporate tax payer is required to furnish an estimate of tax payable not later than 30 days before the beginning of the basis period for a year of assessment and make payment based on the estimated tax payable. By appointing us as your tax agent, we provide proactive tax service to assist you not only to comply all the tax obligation, but also improve your company’s cash flow by proper tax planning.
We will provide you the following tax related services:
  • Proper filing of your estimate of tax payable and tax return form before the due date
  • Comprehensive tax computations with all the notes to enable explanation for IRB tax verification
  • Proper filing of working papers as required by IRB
  • Advice on tax incentive available to minimize tax in legal way and other related matters related to tax
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